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Nicolas Bijakowski


"I don't paint what I see or what I understand. I don't paint people or landscapes. I release lights, movements, sensations, emotions and encounters. I sculpt time. I distill reality."

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Nicolas Bijakowski was born in 1997, he grew up and he lives in Paris. In 2020, he graduated from a DNA (national art diploma) at the Beaux-Arts de Paris-Cergy. His interest in plastic practice quickly took hold and grew at the rate of his encounters and travels.

His work is nourished by the curious ambivalence of the relationship between humans and their world, both essential and deeply detached. Having grown up between the Parisian urban effervescence and the full nature of Creuse, today he uses as an object of study these feelings that the world has with itself, between the joy of existing and the fear of disappearing. Thus, a certain violence sometimes inhabits his work: visual explosions and aggressive images of the world seen through the filter of the media.


Coming from post-war Polish immigration, Nicolas has always been looking for answers to the complexity of family relationships, the heartbreaks and gatherings that they bring to life and that we see hatch in his drawings.

He pursues his quest for an ideal landscape, a place where the origin and the essence of our existence would reside. A place that he imagines peaceful, rejuvenating, and that he expresses through the dark, which like him, knows no end.


Personal exhibitions

Collective exhibitions

Trade fairs

2022   Athena Art Gallery, Binic, France

2021   Espace Maxime D, Paris, France

2020   Athena Art Gallery, Binic, France

2020   Artefact Gallery, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island

2019   Espace Maxime D, represented by Galerie Jaguar Arte, Paris, France

2019   Athena Art Gallery, Binic, France

2018   Elo Gallery, Paris, France

2017   Salon Medley, Paris, France

2016   Cabinet Médical 151, Paris, France

2021     Kamilè Gallery, Perth, Australia

2019   Nano'Art Competition, Galerie Roi Doré, Paris, France

2019   Galerie M, represented by Galerie BDMC, Seoul, South Korea

2019   Galerie K, represented by Galerie BDMC, Tokyo, Japan

2019   Beesness is Business, Galerie Est, Paris, France

2018   Cabinet Médical 151, Paris, France

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